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About Us

We are a close-knit, women-owned business with 30+ years of experience in marketing, communications, and design in the public and private sectors.

Navigant means “we sail.” Together with our clients, we set the course with bold guidance and compelling strategy.

Our goal is to create a seamless experience for you, bringing customized marketing and design solutions to complex problems. You can rely on our agile response and targeted planning.

Let Navigant help accomplish your vision. We are:

  • Interested. We are researchers, questioners, storytellers, and designers, bringing diverse perspectives to address all obstacles.
  • Seamless. You are in direct contact with the team doing the work—cutting out the middleman.
  • Nimble. Structured as a silo-free team, we are flexible and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
  • Immersive. Great ideas suffer when you don’t have time for research, planning, and follow-through. Let us handle it.


Marketing and design options may seem overwhelming, but the best adventures are a mix of planning, strategy, and risk. Together we map the best strategies to your new land—with compelling messaging, bold marketing, and a digital user experience that “wows.”

Marketing & Strategy

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Strategic marketing requires strategic planning. Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is crucial to a successful strategy. We get tactical, helping you plan, engage, grow, and grab that edge over competitors.

Public Relations

Public relations is one of the most effective ways to build on marketing strategies and create a solid online reputation. It's about sending the right messages at the right time to the right people, creating a stronger brand reputation. We're here to guide you along the way.

Web & Graphic Design

Every interaction with a user is an opportunity. Whether print or web, it's important to have engaging designs that provide an emotional bond between your brand and your customers. We provide a full spectrum of design services, building a strong, recognizable brand for your business.

Web & Mobile Development

A great digital experience across every screen is not possible without great development. We sweat the details. Through communication, collaboration and transparency, our agile process guides projects from definition through development and execution.

We're here to help.

High quality communications and digital experience are essential to the success of your product or business. Want to learn more?

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